Choose The Best Exterior Shutter Material For You

A strong foundation is the most crucial element of any home. The same principle applies to exterior shutters; when built from the best materials, they’re bound to yield decades of enjoyment. Timberlane has crafted exterior shutters out of Premium Wood and Endurian for more than 25 years, a true testament to the extraordinary performance of these exceptional materials.

Endurian® Shutters
Exclusive PVC Shutter Material

Our PVC shutters are designed to mimic the elevated look of traditional wooden shutters while offering a maintenance-free shutter experience. Endurian shutters are exclusive to Timberlane and come equipped with a limited lifetime guarantee. They’re the perfect option for those who dream of beautiful, long-lasting exterior shutters with little to no upkeep required.


Treasured by many, handcrafted just for you.

Garnered for the purists who appreciate authentic details.

Premium Wood Shutters
Mahogany Shutter Material

Timberlane’s Premium Wood Shutters are handcrafted from superior-quality mahogany, a reddish-brown hardwood species that is both beautiful and durable. Tried, tested and true, our wood shutters are long lasting and professionally assembled to beautify your home for years to come!


The Foundation of Luxury

As artisans with great passion for crafting stunning exterior shutters, we strive to source only the highest-quality materials on the market. If you yearn for custom shutters that showcase your personal style and will last for years to come, our premium shutter materials are the perfect fit for you.

Experience The Timberlane Difference

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary shutters boils down to material. That’s why when it comes to creating the best custom shutters for our customers, only premier shutter materials will do. No matter which style, color or customized details you choose for your shutters, Timberlane will make sure those shutters look incredible on your home — today, tomorrow and far into the future.


Superb Quality

Our shutter materials are of the highest quality, with industry-leading warranties to protect your investment over time.

Highly Customizable

Reach new levels of creativity with our premium paints, eye-catching custom options, shutter hardware and more.

Crafted To Outlast

Composed of solid, super- sturdy materials that won’t warp or begin to fade after a short period of time after installation.

Astounding Characteristics

While all our shutters are crafted from the highest-quality materials available, our Premium Wood and Endurian shutters each offer their own list of benefits. Explore each option, choose the material that’s right for you, and get ready to completely transform the look of your home!